WakuWakuPassport Stamp Rallyを開催します

WakuWakuPassport Stamp Rally

WakuWakuPassport Stamp Rally
At the 31st One World Festival to be held at Umeda Sky Building on February 3rd (Saturday) and 4th (Sunday), passports will be issued to the first 500 people each day (1,000 people in total on both days). Please tour each floor and enjoy exciting conversations and experiences at three or more locations. Please convey your excitement to the staff at the stamp rally counter on each floor, and those who obtain three or more stamps will receive a small hospitality gift at the departure counter. However, as a general rule, only one ticket can be distributed per group.

3F ブース出展入り口、体験コーナー
1F スポーツコーナー



●Stamp rally counter
3F Booth exhibition entrance, experience corner
1F Sports Corner

●Receive prizes
Near Stella Hall 1F entrance/exit

We look forward to your participation.