One World Festival

The 27th One World Festival - Festival of International Cooperation –

February 1 & 2, 2020 10 am~5 pm Venue: Kita Ward Center, Kantele Ogimachi Square and Ogimachi Park, Close to Tenma Station of JR Osaka Loop Line

If you want to have a wedding, please contact us

8Kantele Ogimachi Square 1st Floor Stage February 1 (Sat.) and 2 (Sun.), 2020, 14: 00-14: 30 (limited to 1 group per day) Organizer: One World Festival Executive Committee Produce marriage: wedding hall Gran Armo / Japan Marriage Consultation Association (JBA) B y N o n - c h a n a n d S u - c h a n O N E W O R L D WE D D I N G Application period: December 2th (Mon)-December 20th (Fri), 2019 Dec. 25 (Wed) announced by document screening Wedding conditions: Japanese and foreigners or foreign couples who are planning to have a wedding Those who are within 3 years of enrollment Wedding fee: Free invitation (1 group per day and 2 groups in total) Wedding contents: wedding ceremony, groom, bride costum’ es (folk costume, dress, tuxedo, etc.), a picture of you together (2 people, 1sheet) Contact: Wedding hall Gran Amo , Tel: 06-6374-3333 , Contact: Ogura / Uno , Regular holiday: Wednesday Application